Cute puppy: when the puppy appeared in the reserve, he could not stop happily wagging his tail

 Cute puppy: when the puppy appeared in the reserve, he could not stop happily wagging his tail

Every shelter has at least one dog that stands apart from the others.

Matilda was an attractive young puppy who was appreciated at the Douglas Animal Shelter. The shelter staff immediately recognized that Matilda had an unusual attitude, as she was usually joyful and at the same time excited. Matilda was hugged right after she got to the shelter.

Given that the very first months of Matilda’s life were incredibly difficult, this was an amazing surprise for the doctors there.

When a two-month-old puppy was found at the shelter, she had skin inflammation and was also infected with worms. In fact, she has been a stray pet on the streets of Georgia since birth.

However, despite all these obstacles, she never lost her cheerful nature and always continued to wag her tail.

A volunteer named Santina Sanders told The Dodo that this girl gave “the most impressive kisses”. “She was one of the hottest spots that ever existed”.

Pibbles & Even More Animal Rescue was another rescue team that fell in love with a cute puppy because of the way she handled animals. Sanders wasn’t the only one to notice Matilda’s pleasant mindset.

Teresa Bowles-Ciofalo, among the curators of the organization, made a connection with the cheerful as well as energetic Matilda, and, as a result, made the decision to rescue the dog from the shelter, and also placed her in a foster family.

When the pet’s adoptive father began to collect the puppy, the joy of the little puppy was so obvious that she did not stop wagging her tail even after the car ride lasted an hour, or even fifty percent.

The way she walks is twisted precisely because of how intensely she wags her tail.

Matilda was a good-natured pet, but one thing she couldn’t keep track of was collars. When Rich, her adoptive father, tried to put a collar on her, she stopped wagging her tail, a clear sign that she didn’t like the collar.

However, apart from the collar, the cute dog is delighted with everything else in his new home.

She enjoys spending time with her foster brother or sisters, having fun with her toys, and also helping her human brother with her studies. She often goes to her human brother’s house to help him with his work.

Please don’t scroll without offering her some love!

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