Cute scene: this rescued kangaroo wants to cuddle his dad on the couch every day

 Cute scene: this rescued kangaroo wants to cuddle his dad on the couch every day

This slow-moving kangaroo spends his days sitting on the couch.

No one could ever turn down a quality time spent sitting on a plush couch watching their favorite TV show. However, if this is your daily routine, this may be too much. This is how this slow kangaroo spends his days. Everyone, meet Rufus, the most spoiled boy in the world.

Rufus’ life wasn’t always like this when he was over four years old. The kangaroo was rescued at the age of eight months and ended up at the Patch Kangaroo Shelter in Boston, South Australia. Luckily, thanks to Kim Heywood and her husband Neil, the shelter’s administrators, he got all the love and comfort he needed.

As a strong bond developed between the compassionate couple and the rescued kangaroo, Kim and Neil decided to keep Rufus at their home. Now he acts like the place belongs to him, or at least the couch.

Rufus enjoys spending his days lounging on a plush couch and cuddling with his father. However, Neil and Kim quickly realized that the sofa might not be big enough to fit them all. Rufus, on the other hand, wants all of this for himself and sometimes for his father. Because he sometimes begs Neil to massage his belly, which Neal gladly does.

“When he started doing it, we thought it was the cutest thing in the world and we saw that Rufus is so different and how much he loves the couch and how safe he feels in there,” Kim explained. “He goes into the deepest sleep because he knows he’s safe there and doesn’t mind watching a little TV”.

However, the Heywoods do not even mind that there is no more room for them on the couch. The most important thing for them to see Rufus is if they feel comfortable and happy!

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