Dog stuck in a frozen lake, but finally a brave police officer was able to save him

 Dog stuck in a frozen lake, but finally a brave police officer was able to save him

Man saves dog from falling into icy lake water.

The hero of the day is an American policeman. A man rescued a dog that fell into the icy water of the lake, under whose paws the frozen surface cracked.

The cop braved the cold and the risk of getting wet and cold in turn to come to the aid of a dog in distress.

A police officer rescued a dog stuck in a frozen lake, the Niagara Gazette reported this Thursday, January 6.

The rescue happened yesterday afternoon, around 15:00 local time. According to Frank Previte, head of the Lewiston Police Department in New York State, two dog owners were playing with their dogs near Bond Lake when one of the animals ventured too far from the shore, into a thin layer of ice covering the body of water.

Approaching about 40 meters from the land, the quadruped was surprised by the fragility of the ice, which cracked under its weight. Because of this, the dog got stuck in very cold water and could not get out.

Fortunately, his rescuer was not far away and intervened quickly. In this case, it was Officer John Smith. His feat was caught on camera and the video (below) posted on the Lewiston Police Department’s Facebook page.

So we see a police officer running down a snowy beach, then taking off his tactical vest and belt, and then cautiously advancing across the ice in an attempt to reach the dog. He was able to get close enough to kneel and keep the animal close at hand.

He then lifted her out of the water and then walked her to the shore. Saved as a last resort from hypothermia and drowning, the dog was able to reunite with his family immediately after the accident.

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