Gorgeous Vanessa Paradis: who won her heart after breaking up with Depp

 Gorgeous Vanessa Paradis: who won her heart after breaking up with Depp

Vanessa was born in the family of the director, so her path was predetermined.

She has been dancing and music since childhood. In addition, the young girl had an appearance that was the standard for many French people. Her first album went platinum, she was predicted to have a dizzying career. However, Vanessa herself chose cinema and the modeling business. For many years she was the Muse of many eminent designers.

However, for some reason, for many, Vanessa remained only the ex-wife of Johnny Depp. They met in Paris, as Vanessa herself noted, this man with a burning look saved her. Then she just burned through her life: parties, illegal substances, alcohol … and so on in a circle. However, Depp himself was very familiar with the consequences, so they did not allow the young beauty to ruin her life. They were both saved by love. And even though Vanessa herself was in the shadow of his fame, she was there as a devoted and loving person.

The couple was together for 14 years, they became parents twice, however, Depp never proposed to Paradis. She never became his official wife. And soon he left the family, preferring a young colleague in the shop. Probably, today the actor regrets about it. However, then the breakup of the couple was a real colleague. Paradis has always said that a woman is beautiful and radiant when she is happy from the inside, when she is in harmony with herself. But after Depp left, it seemed that she had aged 10 years, that she had lost her footing in life. The actress sharply turned ugly, lost her inner radiance.

However, such a clever beauty could not remain alone for a long time. In her life, nevertheless, a man appeared who returned her lost happiness, harmony with herself. Next to him, she shines with love. And at 46, the actress got married for the first time. Now she protects her family happiness and well-being. It is worth noting that the director and screenwriter Samuel Benchetrit became the chosen one of the actress. They met in 2016 on the set, they began an affair, and after 2 years the couple got married.

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