Great story: a kind and caring man put his car up for sale to save a dog’s life

 Great story: a kind and caring man put his car up for sale to save a dog’s life

This caring man loves his Gemini dog more than anything.

Randy rescued him when he was a small pet and raised him. As a result, they developed an unusual friendship.

Gemini was spotted playing with Etter’s girlfriend’s young daughter in April 2019.

Etter quickly took the bottle from Gemini, cleaned it, and returned it to the little child each time. Both the little girl and the dog were having a great time, and Etter was having a great time watching them play.

Unfortunately, on the same day the dog became ill. Etter told Dodo, “”He just started to slow down and I didn’t believe it was natural, just slept next to me and followed me”. “I just got the impression that he was saying, ‘Help me’”.

Randy sensed that something was wrong, so he started taking Gemini from vet to vet, hoping to find someone who could help him. He missed his shift at work and was fired as a result, but didn’t seem to mind. He just wanted to make sure his closest friend was okay.

The Facebook post was seen by an animal rescue group called SOAR Initiative (Street Outreach Animal Response) and they were touched by the owner’s love for his dog. SOAR contacted its members and requested funds to help Gemini.

The organization managed to raise $3,000 for Etter.

Etter was able to keep his car while covering the cost of the procedure.

Gemini is being treated at home after a successful operation. Randy is, of course, overjoyed like never before.

He expressed his gratitude by saying, “It means the whole world to me”.

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