The role of teeth is very big: this is how teeth change the look of famous stars

 The role of teeth is very big: this is how teeth change the look of famous stars

The fashion for veneers was introduced by stars, for whom a smile is a calling card.

Celebrities try to make veneers snow-white. If you compare photos of the same stars, you can see how their smile has transformed them.

Candice Swanepoel

Candace could not boast of a Hollywood smile. When the dentist put veneers on her, all the famous teeth became even, the same height.

Victoria Beckham

Consequently, veneers became more therapeutic than aesthetic for Victoria. You can see how the star’s smile has changed in the pictures.

Billy Eilish

A young artist made her teeth with braces. However, covering your mouth helps make this much faster and easier.

Millie Bobby Brown

Within a mile, veneers have become a lifesaver. The teeth were far from perfect, veneers helped fix everything.

Meghan Markle

Many believed that the gap between the teeth was the hallmark of Meghan Markle. She put veneers, and the accent immediately disappeared.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football player was not spoiled by uneven teeth at all. On the contrary, they had a special charm that only Ronaldo had.

Zach Efron

Zach also had a large gap between his teeth. Veneers saved Efron from openness, turning his smile into a familiar smile, like all the stars.

Demmy Moor

Demmy Moore noticeably transformed with dazzling white teeth. Previously, they were not so snow-white and even.

Katie Holmes

Katie has white teeth, they are noticeable against the background of plump skin. Now the star can safely smile without fear that her teeth will be the subject of increased attention.

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