Here’s the sweet story: these deformed-faced dogs became best and best friends

 Here’s the sweet story: these deformed-faced dogs became best and best friends

Two cute dogs with extreme facial defects become inseparable friends.

Picasso, a five-year-old dog, was born with a bumpy nose, and his new best friend, Newt, who turned one, was born without an upper jaw after his mother attacked him when he was a puppy.

The love between two dogs with extreme facial defects is unshakable.

Picasso and Amphibian’s strong connection was discovered by 53-year-old Liesl Wilhardt, founder and leader of Lovable Canine Rescue.

Although both dogs have significant facial defects, they enjoy living on 55 acres of land in Oregon, USA.

Liesl took on Picasso in 2017 when his brother dropped dead, and then Amphibian in 2021, and the two quickly became inseparable.

Picasso, now 5, was born with a bumpy nose, and Amphibian was not trusted with his upper jaw after that when he was bitten by his mother.

Despite the day-to-day difficulties they face, due to their deformities, as well as Amphibian’s clinical problems, the couple is currently living a very content existence.

We love their partnership in a series of films that explore their usual activities such as feeding, playing, walking, and also celebrating berries.

“It was a miracle that Picasso lived like a newborn,” Liesl remarked, “given that he would certainly have struggled to breastfeed his mother.”

In fact, Newt has overcome many other obstacles, one of which is not related to his missing upper jaw.

Picasso and Amphibian love people, hence they are extroverts and also seek interest in the public and also appreciate welcoming people. Most people immediately take a second take and then look at the fangs to see what they are seeing.

“They are not in agony; they have learned to live with their physical limitations and can achieve just about anything they want”.

“From the beginning, Picasso loves Newt because he loves to play and fight and he is so cute.

“Our bond got stronger as Newt got older”.

“I really like Picasso and Newt; they are both wonderfully affectionate, joyful, intelligent and funny dogs.”

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