Here’s the trick: a fat cat was not allowed on the plane and the owner came up with a cunning plan

 Here’s the trick: a fat cat was not allowed on the plane and the owner came up with a cunning plan

They didn’t want to let the cat into the cabin and put him in luggage.

“We are responsible for those we treat,” Exupery told us so, and for many, these words are not an empty phrase at all. Mikhail Galin, the owner of a cat named Victor, told on his Facebook page the story of his journey with a pet, which could not have taken place or ended tragically.

So, a man with his cat flew along the route Riga-Moscow-Vladivostok. The flight from Riga to Moscow passed without incident, although the unfortunate animal took it rather hard and did not understand at all what was happening. And so the owner with the pet ended up in the capital of our country and went to check in for the Moscow-Vladivostok flight. This is where the problems started.

Mikhail Galin and his cat Viktor

Mikhail and Victor got to a very responsible airport employee, who measured all the luggage, weighed the beggars several times and got to the cat, who also had to stand on the scales. Scales showed a disappointing result. According to Mikhail, “the animal ate 10 kg, which is unacceptable for transportation in the cabin”.

Cat Victor weighed 10 kg, they did not want to let him into the cabin and put him in luggage

Mikhail did not want to put up with this state of affairs, he tried to explain that the cat would not survive 8 hours in luggage (he could not stand pressure drops during takeoff and landing on the last flight, the man had to plug his ears and wipe his drool). But the employee refused to take responsibility for the extra two kilograms of the cat in the cabin and was adamant.

Mikhail was not going to part with the cat

But, as Leonid Romanov said, “There must be a bro, a bro is not luggage”. Having sent the entire delegation of the air carrier in a given direction, he handed them his boarding pass and went on the flight with all the luggage and the cat.

Mikhail turned out to be not so simple and decided that he would fly with his cat. He found the only flight that could be taken for bonus points, which was in business class a day later. He also started looking for a cat that looked like Victor.

Mikhail began to look for a cat that could be weighed instead of Victor

He could find an understudy for Victor with the help of his friends. It was a cat named Phoebe. She was weighed, everything is normal and Mikhail was wished a successful flight. And then the animals were changed again, and on the plane, along with Mikhail, his own cat Viktor was already there.

The operation went well

Sitting in the passenger seat, where all the wanderings were left behind, I wanted to call the steward and sincerely say: “Boy, bring us vodka, we are flying home.” Arrived without incident.)

No one could separate Mikhail and Victor

The man’s post went viral: more than 10 thousand likes, about 1.7 thousand reposts and about 1.4 thousand comments. The opinions of commentators are divided: some consider the author a hero, others believe that the rules are so that they cannot be broken even for the sake of their beloved cat.

traveler cat

The main thing: the cat is intact, alive and arrived safely. Victor, we are happy for you!

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