Heroic deed: a kind family saved a bear which was swimming with a plastic can on his head

 Heroic deed: a kind family saved a bear which was swimming with a plastic can on his head

When the family saw that the bear needed help, charity overcame all fears.

Black bears are massive creatures that can weigh up to 600 pounds. As a result, no one wants to get close to a brief encounter with such a massive beast. However, when they saw that this black bear cub was in need of help, the family’s philanthropy surpassed all their fears.

Brian Hurt from Wisconsin was fishing with his wife Trisha and son Brady on Marsh Miller Lake when he noticed a huge beast trying to get to the beach. However, it wasn’t until the family got closer that they learned it was a black bear in serious need of help. Floating with its head stuck in a plastic pipe, a wild animal was found. Brian saw that the helpless bear could drown, so he decided to risk his life to save him.

Trisha told CNN: “We’re very sure it wouldn’t have landed him”. “We realized that we had to act”. So they got as close to the bear as possible, and Brian managed to grab the plastic container. However, the frightened animal had to be released the second time. The relieved bear swam to shore, much to the delight of his rescuers.

“We were delighted,” the woman explained. “We have completed our daily good deed… It was nice to help the poor bear. You don’t like it when animals get hurt”.

Trisha captured the dramatic rescue on camera and wanted to post it on Facebook to let everyone know that the bear is now safe. “We wanted everyone to know that the bear is fine,” she explained. Trisha’s post went viral almost instantly, with over 12 million views.

“I never thought that we would achieve something like this in life”, the woman wrote on Facebook.

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