His name is not in vain Einstein. This parrot even announced himself as a “superstar”

 His name is not in vain Einstein. This parrot even announced himself as a “superstar”

Many believe that parrots are talented imitators.

Yes, some of them are mainly like recorders with feathers. However, some breeds of parrots show a high level of wit.

They do much more than just spit on what they heard from owners. Take this clip of the bird playing front and center. When asked, he even announced himself as a “superstar”.

We see Einstein, the African ashy parrot, putting on a show at the Knoxville Zoo. He was asked to do everything from imitating cars to singing Happy Birthday.

This is an incredible sight. Surely, he won everyone’s hearts with his answers.

His speech was definitely worth the reception for everyone present.

I was astonished at how smart Einstein was. Well, his name is not in vain Einstein. He knows so many words and his impressions are odd. He does well with most of them.

After all, African gray parrots are one of the cleverest birds. It would be curious to see how he speaks live.

He also has such an amazing personality.

I liked his reactions to the expression of emotions, from joy to boredom. It’s great to have him as part of the Knoxville Zoo’s outreach program. How clever he is. He gave a talk at TED.

Yes, that’s right, you may now be known as the Lord of the Rings.

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