Great ending: the dog got lost in the parking lot and returned home thanks to one girl

 Great ending: the dog got lost in the parking lot and returned home thanks to one girl

A huge large Pyrenean dog was found aimlessly walking around at night.

A huge large Pyrenean dog was found wandering aimlessly at night. When she was invited to sit in the car, she did it without thinking. It was there that they checked her necklace and called her owners.

Most of us are willing to help others, including strangers, if that doesn’t mean we have to deviate too much from our own needs or routines.

Especially if we are thinking about helping a puppy, a small or medium puppy would be ideal. A little more difficult when it comes to one of the largest breeds that exist: at this point it already becomes like helping a horse.

Eleanor Donahue didn’t have many options as she returned to her car full of shopping one night.

What she saw aimlessly and somewhat frightened walking was nothing more than a huge Pyrenean dog. Being one of the largest breeds, these dogs are not as easy to transport as a smaller breed would be.

However, Eleanor called the dog next to her, trying to find a way to help her. Without thinking twice, the huge Great Pyrenees was already in her car, squeezed into the small space she had found where to leave her huge body.

Looking through her fur, Eleanor discovered a necklace. It had a name and a phone number on it.

When she called, Eleanor discovered that “Luna” as she called herself a dog, often ran away from home. Moreover, most often she wandered around this parking lot. This became quite clear when the owner of Luna said in desperation that “she likes this damn parking lot”.

Eleanor agreed with her owners to take the dog out of the house. A couple of minutes later they arrived, thanking him very much for taking care of her.

The only thing that upset them a little was the belief that the puppy would run away from home again as soon as she could.

They only had to wish that the next time someone found her, she would be as kind and devoted as Eleanor.

Because of their size, the Great Pyrenees are dogs that need special care. In addition to eating massive amounts of food every day, they tend to be somewhat wild and love to go out and explore their surroundings.

That’s why they need a large patio or a place where they can spend their days. Otherwise, they may end up wandering around nearby parking lots, just like Luna did.

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