«Humans should take notice» Dog’s kind act even surprises his owner

 «Humans should take notice» Dog’s kind act even surprises his owner

This interaction between the dog and the cat is something you won’t want to miss.🤗

We all know that dogs are the most loyal and generous animals. Recently it was proven once again as a dog demonstrated a kind act that humans should take lessons from.

A video was shared which showed a dog in China sharing some of his dinners with a starving, homeless cat. Ms. Fu, from Weifang, the dog’s owner, caught the kind act on camera and shared it with others to see. When she saw the dog, Pudding, taking the meat, and putting it in front of the stairs where the stray cat was sitting, she was mesmerized.

After the dog put the meat down he barked so he would attract attention. The cat approached the food with caution because she was nervous.

The owner told a Chinese news source called The Paper about the incident and revealed that this all happened without her being aware of it. She said that she was completely unaware of what she was filming. And added that it would never occur to them that their dog would share his food with a cat. She then continued saying that due to the fact that their dog is a guard dog, he is often quite possessive of its food, and that’s why this came as a surprise to her.

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