The little cat could not forget her friend dog.

 The little cat could not forget her friend dog.

Every day, the cat waited for hours for her dead friend at the neighbor’s window.

Gracie was Baby Gray’s best friend. It had been a year since Gracie had died, but the cat was still coming to where they were playing together.

The cat always came hoping that his friend would meet him at the window. The cat stayed there even longer than 20 minutes.

Shea Brennan, working with Gracie’s guardian at Decatur School, saw the cat two and a half years ago. “He does not seem to live far away, but I do not know his name,” Brennan told The Dodo. “We call her Baby Gray.”

When the cat first came to Brennan’s yard, he saw Gracie, a guard dog, but he preferred to make friends rather than scare those who came.

“He was an American Eskimo of Gracie breed and always stayed in the yard,” Brennan said. “He always stayed outside because he loved nature and other animals.”

Gracie befriended everyone, even predators, and wanted to know more about her new friends.

“Gracie soon became close to him,” Brennan said.

Baby Gray started coming to Gracie often. I was so close to them that they were relatives.

“We always left tomatoes for Gracie because she loved to eat tomatoes. And she always shared tomatoes with Baby Gray. By the way, Gracie loved to share her food with friends, “Brennan said.

“They loved to eat tomatoes together, and staying under the sun was their favorite pastime.”

Gracie did everything for her friends, even rescuing Brennan from water moccasins when she was 8 months old.

“She is OK. She helped everyone like a mother. ”

When Gracie turned 12 in 2017, Brennan felt that something was wrong. Examination revealed that Grace had aggressive lymphoma.

“Gracie spent her last days on the cold balcony,” Brennan said. “It seemed like he was meeting his friends for the last time.”

Baby Gray did not leave.

“The cat would come to him, they would not eat anything else, they were just lying next to each other,” he said. “They were very connected.”

In November 2017, Gracie died of cancer. Baby Gray tries to stay calm after all that.

It was hard to imagine that the dog was dead.

“After this cruel thing, Baby Gray always comes to the balcony, waits for Gracie for a long time, then lies down under the sun as they used to do.”

“Brennan always notices Baby Gray, although it is very difficult to see how the cat is suffering.”

“It’s awful to see how poor this cat is. “But I think how strongly these animals were connected.”

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