«No one believes this is the same apartment!» One man transformed an old apartment and now everyone dreams of living here

 «No one believes this is the same apartment!» One man transformed an old apartment and now everyone dreams of living here

Everyone laughed at me when my choice fell on an old apartment! 🤣🤭After being neglected for decades, this apartment got a second chance! 😮🤌Even my friends refused to be guests at my house, but now it became a dream for each of them to live here! 😍🫠 See the before-after photos in this article! 👇

Shortly after today’s hero purchased this apartment with old renovation, he got sick and tired of its look which left a lot to be desired. A decision was made to transform it beyond recognition and give it a second chance. He decided to do a redevelopment as a result of which the place would acquire a more modern look.

The hallway became a part of the living room as a result of the redevelopment. Laminate flooring was laid on the floor. Simple white paint was chosen for the walls paint. They replaced front door with a new one with a large mirror which visually enlarge the space.

An open coat rack appeared to the right of the front door, and a small bench was placed below it. They installed an antique cabinet here as well which can boast a section for shoes, clothes and a utility section.

The kitchen was radically transformed too. A linear set with ordinary white facades was installed on the left side. Their choice fell on a table top made of chipboard. What concerns the apron, it is lined with classic white tiles.

A decision was made to enlarge the window sill to create a bar counter for quick snacks. Some of the household appliances can also be seen here too. A full-fledged dining group including a wooden dining table was placed closer to the window.

There is a gray sofa against the wall, and in the corner of the room there was a work area, which was also framed with wooden beams. The room was originally narrow, so the partition between the living room and the bedroom was moved a meter towards the living room, thanks to which it became possible to place a full double bed in the bedroom. The accent wall became the one behind the bed which was decorated with light laminate. They placed a restored vintage mirror here as well.

The toilet and bathroom were combined. The decoration of the floor and walls combines: two types of white tiles, white paint and porcelain tiles that imitate the surface of aged wood. The owner gave his preference to a shower instead of a bathtub. The washing machine found its place under the countertop, to the left of the sink.

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