No one gave a second thought to buy this old apartment until one married couple saw potential in it

 No one gave a second thought to buy this old apartment until one married couple saw potential in it

We invited our friends to our newly renovated apartment and they no more want to leave us! 😉🤩 It still remains a secret to everyone how we could turn this ugly apartment into something amazing! 😮👏My wife and I poured our souls into it and got a dream place to live! 🫠❤️‍🩹For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇


The owners of today’s apartment became a married couple with two kids. The husband hails from France yet he is literally in love with such architectures and didn’t think twice before signing the agreement and purchasing it. However, it was quite clear that it required major changes so as to acquire a fresh and modern look.

Gray porcelain stoneware was chosen for the flooring in the hallway. What concerns the walls, they were painted in a neutral light shade. A hanging console, a mirror and a large wardrobe with mirrored fronts can be seen here too. Repair work began with redevelopment. A decision was made to combine the kitchen with the living room, but the presence of the gas stove led them to abandon this idea and they, instead, installed a sliding partition between the kitchen and living room.

As the owner’s favorite color is red, it was decided to install a corner set in a rich red color. The apron and floor were decorated with porcelain stoneware. The sink was moved to the window. There is parquet on the floor in the living room. Some of the walls were left in the original brickwork. There is a dining group with a large glass table.

At the back of the room one can see a large corner sofa, coffee tables, an armchair, an electric fireplace, storage space and a TV area.

In the master bedroom, a unique combination of minimalism and bright accents was created, which gave the interior freshness and originality. For the walls, they used paintable wallpaper and accent patterned wallpaper in red. A double bed was placed against the accent wall. There are pull-out storage sections under the bed.

In the children’s room white and yellow colors dominate. Some of the walls were painted, and the other part of the walls was covered with accent yellow wallpaper with a geometric print. There is also a work area, a place for games and a full-fledged dressing room.

The redevelopment made it possible to create two full bathrooms in the apartment. A standard bathtub was installed in one, and a spacious shower room was located in the other. 4 types of tiles, porcelain tiles and moisture-resistant paint were used for the finishing.

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