«No one was ready for this!» Far not everyone knows these details about Musk’s personal life

 «No one was ready for this!» Far not everyone knows these details about Musk’s personal life

What caused the divorce of Elon Musk’s marriages? 🫢🧐 This is who became his first love and why all his relationships ended up in breakup! 😱🤯

Elon Musk who is among the most affluent and successful entrepreneurs of the time also bears the nickname «The businessman of the future» by Forbes. It is needless to say that there is probably no one on Earth who doesn’t know him.

Though he has achieved tremendous success and incredible heights in his drizzling career, he has remained unsuccessful in his personal life and hasn’t met his only love yet. He has been in many romantic relationships and has had six children.

His first wife became J. Wilson with whom he had five children. She became his first love. They met in their student years and got married in 2000. Only few know that at the beginning of their marriage they lost their first child, then had five.

Here is Tallulah RIleu who was his second wife. They first met at a club and their relationship left a lot to be desired. They faced many difficulties and even got divorced twice.

Not everyone knows that he started a romance with A. Heard too which ended in breakup as well.

He then started dating Claire Boucher with whom he had a common sense of humor. They even had a child in 2009 but didn’t manage to maintain their relationship.

Here is Natasha Bassett who became his latest partner. The relationship with her lasted no more than several months because of Musk’s affair. He had twins but their romance was also short-lived.

Recently, photographers spotted him with this woman but, as he claims, they are not in a romantic relationship. Do you think so?


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