«School bus turned into luxury house»։ a couple repaired an old school bus and the result left everyone speechless

 «School bus turned into luxury house»։ a couple repaired an old school bus and the result left everyone speechless

Idea that came to this couple’s mind blew up the whole Internet!🔥😱The couple turned a bus, previously used for school children, into a motorhome that left no one indifferent🚐😍

Each of us at some point dreams of spending time on the road and exploring new places․ So one day Sam and Rachel Dix decided to make their unique dream come true! They even had a baby in this unique van! They transformed an American yellow school bus into a luxury mobile home and set off on an exciting family adventure.

Interesting trip
The family began their journey from New York to Southampton, and then to a farm in Somerset. The bus, previously used to transport 72 school children, has now become a symbol of incredible love and adventure.

Sam’s wife decided to design the interior of the bus, and Sam, who was self-employed, brought their idea to life.

Incredible work
Of course, the family worked for more than six months. They replaced the seating with wooden floors, a comfortable kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. They thought out every detail interestingly to create a comfortable space.

What was the inspiration?
The couple became interested in the Motorhome Matt podcast, where they read about buying the perfect motorhome and how to make money while traveling. The head of the Motorhome Matt Podcast and the CEO of The Motorhome Holiday Company was Sam’s friend Matt Sims. He believes there are different ways to make money from an motorhome.

Unique life
The bus became a wonderful place where they were enjoying comfort and freedom. Its exterior remained yellow, Sam installed a light on the top of the bus․ When the midwives found them, thanks to this light, three hours later Rachel gave birth to a son. The child’s birthplace is written on the certificate as «American school bus»․
They installed solar panels to save money. Matt is sure that we can achieve success and make a positive impact on the planet through small positive actions.

The Dix family decided to refurbish the third car to take on new adventures. As a result, they decided to sell their beloved bus. Sam renovated the interior so it could become a home. It is ideally renovated for one person or a couple.
Sam and Rachel prove that any determined person can turn a simple bus into a luxury motorhome. If you have such a creative and unique dream then it’s time to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

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