She just washed the dishes: how Amal Alamuddin got Hollywood’s main bachelor as her husband

 She just washed the dishes: how Amal Alamuddin got Hollywood’s main bachelor as her husband

Amal Alamuddin was known in the world of jurisprudence, she was the best.

She was born into an intelligent family and grew up in London. Amal received a prestigious education at Oxford and then at New York University. And she got an internship at the most prestigious law firm. During her life she worked with the most eminent clients and complex cases, her name has become a household name. And no one could have thought that she would become the wife of a Hollywood star. In addition, the wife of the most enviable groom and avid bachelor – George Clooney.

Many were sure that Clooney would never marry. During his life, he met many women, and his novels and intrigues are simply innumerable. However, he never hurried down the aisle. And again, Amal did the almost impossible. The couple met through mutual friends. Only when he saw the beautiful Amal, the actor’s agent whispered to him: “She will definitely become your wife”. The actor brushed it off, and after a couple of minutes of communication he was fascinated by her. About his impressions, he says this: “I thought – oh, but she is beautiful, funny and very smart.” And in 2014, the actor decided to propose to her.

Especially for this, he invited Amal to his home, prepared a delicious dinner. He was insanely nervous, he was not sure that she would say yes. But when the dinner came to an end, Amal just collected the plates and went to wash the dishes. He was amazed and fascinated by this gesture of hers. After he asked her to bring a lighter from the dresser drawer, however, Amal found only a ring. The woman did not even realize that it was engagement. Then, the actor knelt down and proposed, saying: “I can’t imagine my future life without you, and quickly say yes.” Because I’m already 52 years old, and I can kick my hooves at any moment! Amal’s answer was of course “Yes!”.

However, it is worth noting that the ring cost $750,000, however, Amal refused to accept it. As a lawyer who fights for people’s rights, she has no right to wear something like that on her arm. Therefore, Amal changed the ring to a simpler one, platinum. George was delighted with her act and thinking. This made him fall in love with her even more. The couple has been together for 6 years, they are raising twins: a son and a daughter.

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