There are people with unique beauty in the world: here are 11 standards of beauty

 There are people with unique beauty in the world: here are 11 standards of beauty

The standards of some countries may seem strange and incomprehensible to us.

Everyone has their own idea of beauty.

The standards of countries may be strange for us, but whatever they are, we must respect other cultures and values.


People from Ireland have red hair and green eyes. But in our time, it is often impossible to meet a representative with such an appearance as this nation. That is why the Irish sacredly keep the memory of their ancestors, glorifying people in this way.


In addition to the fact that the beauties in this country are white girls, they have big eyes and straight noses, there is a strange sign here. Strangely, in the country of origin, a girl must have crooked teeth to be noticed.


In this country people do rhinoplasty. A straight nose is the main criterion of beauty here.

South Korea

Here women have heart-shaped faces, which in this country is considered the standard of beauty. In Korea a gentle face are valued.


People wanted to be natural. The reason is that they have developed a negative attitude towards cosmetics.


In this country, thick, untidy eyebrows are valued. Almost all girls have eyebrows as thick as possible.

Saudi Arabia

Arab women know very well how to paint their eyes. The reason is that the rest of their body and faces are covered, only their eyes are visible.


The main criterion of beauty in this country is pale skin, which almost all Chinese women strive for.


I this place people wear thick rings around their necks, which should be as long as possible.

New Zealand

The representatives of this country have tattoos, they will be considered unattractive if they don’t have it. Here, tattoos are valued more than jewelry.


The larger the clay disc to be placed on the lower jaw, the more beautiful the woman.

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