This homeless dog wouldn’t give up on his injured friend until he was rescued

 This homeless dog wouldn’t give up on his injured friend until he was rescued

Next to the hit dog a black-and-white shaggy dog ​​was sitting in a column.

Betty Walter is a dog rescuer, so her phone keeps ringing asking for help and advice.

And she usually does not remain indifferent, but at the moment when her friend called her and told her about the dog that was hit by a car, the girl was at work.

She told her friend where to go for help and gave up, but her heart was troubled. Her thoughts were constantly on the victim, and as soon as her shift ended, Betty drove to the place where the injured dog was seen.

The startled dog was still there, and she wasn’t alone, so Betty’s friend couldn’t help her.

On the lawn lay a white dog with obviously broken paws, and a black-and-white shaggy dog ​​sat on a post nearby.

With all his appearance, he made it clear that anyone who gets close to his girlfriend will have to deal with her teeth. She looked worried, but she couldn’t help herself.

Betty watched as several more dogs appeared nearby, and the black and white dog chased after them so that they would not trample his friend.

Betty wrote to a friend who was concerned about the fate of the downed dog, and a few minutes later she was already there.

Together they carried the wounded dog to the car, which they decided to call White after the color of their coat.

All this under Allen’s intense and unfriendly gaze. It was clear that he would not allow his girlfriend to be taken away, so he had to put it in the trunk too.

They were on their way to the vet and Betty thought she would have to find room in the house for the two new tenants because she wouldn’t raise her hand to separate her friends and the two big dogs would have a hard time finding them.

The vet diagnosed him with a pelvic fracture. But the operation was supposed to help, and the girls paid for the operation, and then White went home, where Allen was already waiting for her.

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