This sheep thinks she’s a dog and if someone tries to convince her he might bite

 This sheep thinks she’s a dog and if someone tries to convince her he might bite

One-year-old sheep, born a sheep and looking like a sheep, became a real dog.

A creature born for “meee” cannot “woof-woof”? It is not true. One-year-old sheep Chopsy from the British city of Bampton, who was born a sheep and looks like a sheep, has become a real dog. As soon as she got into the dog company, she immediately realized that she likes to run around the field and bark at other dogs, and spending the night next to a bunch of sheep is clearly not for her.

The owner of a newly born sheep does not know what to do in this situation.

Task: find a strange creature in the photo.

If for a few seconds it seemed to you that all the creatures in the picture were dogs, then the sheep, which is in the center of the photo, seems to be like that all her life.

A sheep named Chopsy is a purebred dog in her head.

Chopsy has been so inspired by the dog lifestyle that now there is no way to convince her that she is not a dog.

Chopsy lives in the small British town of Bampton.

Her owner is a 28-year-old dog lover named Siobhan Chirrell O’Kelly. She bought Chopsy in the shape of a lamb last year.

She needed her for work because she is a trainer and planned to use Chopsy to train clients’ dogs not to attack sheep.

But something went wrong.

No dog will hurt a sheep with that kind of dog feeling!

Here is what Siobhan had to say about her:

Chopsy comes to walk the dogs, plays with them and even runs when I call her.

She goes crazy when she notices that another dog is walking nearby in the field, and barks almost dog-like at other dogs.

Chopsy is absolutely confident in her life choices and says “wow wow” instead of “meeeee”.

“I don’t think dog owners know how to behave when they are following their pet. Sometimes they don’t even realize it’s a sheep as it runs around with other dogs, but when people notice something is wrong, they say, “Oh my God, is that a sheep?” the woman says.

Like a self-respecting dog, Chopsy refuses to sleep with other sheep.

I tried to return Chopsy to her tribesman, but every time she is afraid of sheep and runs back.

The gang from Bampton and its leader – a dog named Chopsy!

I wonder if horses and ponies also consider themselves dogs?

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