This wonderful little beauty has won over 300 beauty contests and this is what she looks like at 17

 This wonderful little beauty has won over 300 beauty contests and this is what she looks like at 17

This girl from four months old has an unusually and attractive beauty.

The world admired this little girl, everyone admired her beauty.

From birth, Eden was not only an object of maternal love, but also a means of increasing her wealth. The mother set herself the goal of making the child known to the whole world.

The little girl, who had just turned one year old, made her first appearance on a TV show. All viewers were simply amazed by her beauty. Immediately after her first appearance on television, her mother’s dream of signing a contract began to come true.

Everyone adored her, which is surprising, despite her young age, she endured all the moments of social life. At that time, no one could imagine how hard it was for her.

However, at the peak of the girl’s popularity, many warned her mother that staying in the solarium for kilograms of cosmetics could harm the baby’s health. But the woman refused to hear anything.

Eden constantly attended various auditions, she had to sleep intermittently. In such situations, energy drinks and plenty of coffee help.

At the age of six, our heroine once and for all refused to participate in castings and shows. After a brief argument between mother and daughter, the woman had to accept her child’s choice.

One woman published a book on the subject, which received mixed reviews.

She accused the child’s mother of ruining her daughter’s childhood.

The author also said that the girl was constantly on a diet. As a result, this caused the girl health problems.

Eden is now 17 years old. There was a moment in her life when she grew up as an ordinary child, without a series of photos and contests. Now she does not dream of participating in beauty contests, but sometimes she likes to pose for photographers.

Eden Wood was able to erase from memory the problems that arose in childhood. In adolescence, she returned to her usual career.

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