Really great job: this girl turned a collective farm living room into a luxurious room in 6 days

 Really great job: this girl turned a collective farm living room into a luxurious room in 6 days

With the help of simple tricks you can change the interior beyond recognition.

Sometimes the old outdated interior becomes so familiar that literally the hand does not rise to redo it. Many are afraid to leave their comfort zone and change the environment around them. But some events can make you decide to change, and this is exactly what happened to the heroine of the article – a blogger and photographer.

An ordinary girl lived in her house for a long time and was quite pleased with the interior, despite the fact that it was very dilapidated and went out of fashion a couple of decades ago. Surely the heroine would have continued to be content with her former housing, but her friends suddenly called and warned that they would come to visit in a week. Friends have never seen the house, so its owner decided not to transform.

The blogger set to work and proved by personal example that with the help of simple tricks and small investments, you can change the interior almost beyond recognition. First, the hostess took out all the furniture, freeing the room. Then the girl removed the old linoleum.

First, the owner of the house painted the walls in white light, thereby making the dwelling more light, spacious and airy. A small fireplace was also painted in the same shade. The girl decided to make the plank floor pink, and a little white was added to dilute the bright tone. As a result, the flooring of the boards became soft pink.

Since the blogger spent little money on decoration, it was decided to spend the remaining funds on interior design. The girl bought furniture and decor elements: a spacious discreet bed, a designer chest of drawers, a mirror, lamps, paintings. As a result, a room that used to be old-fashioned and outdated has become a real successful design project, which many have probably seen in modern furniture and accessories stores.

Friends liked the modern and stylish housing of a friend. And they were very surprised when they learned that such a cool interior was decorated in just six days, and without outside help.

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