What a cute dog: this loyal lovely dog waits for his owner every day from work

 What a cute dog: this loyal lovely dog waits for his owner every day from work

He decided to take the dog home and include him in his family.

In the workplace, the chances of meeting new friends are high, but not so great when it comes to an animal such as a dog that frequents the place or even sleeps there.

A similar incident happened to Sarah Fitzwater’s husband, who works in a coal mine. He started visiting the area at the beginning of the year to earn his daily bread, but suddenly he saw a dog walking alone, unaccompanied.

Apparently they left her there or near him, so she came over as soon as he saw the man to greet him.

“Someone left him in the area. Every time (my husband) went into that mine, he would run up to him and smile at him”, Sarah told The Dodo.

After so many visits and the love that grew between them, Sarah’s husband made the decision to adopt her and include him in his family.

The lonely days were over for his furry friend, and he was going to wait for a man not in a coal mine, but in his own house. It turns out that since he was taken to his home, he has a beautiful tradition of waiting for him when he returns from work.

Sarah took to social media to share photos of Sadie sitting and leaning on the patio until he sees at least a sign of his beloved owner.

As soon as he sees that the truck is returning home, he runs out of joy to meet him, and does this every day.

Thanks to the fact that Sarah spent time at home working, she noticed this gentle gesture of her dog. “I work from home so I started noticing she was just looking outside waiting for him and I thought he was cute. I never imagined that he would continue to do this every day”, the woman told The Dodo.

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