What a cute face: this unique two-faced kitty has become a real superstar for netizens

 What a cute face: this unique two-faced kitty has become a real superstar for netizens

The unusual color of Yana’s cat captivated netizens.

To date, the two-faced cat has 30 thousand subscribers on the network.

Yana lives with her guardian Elizaveta in Minsk. She wrote that the name of her pet was not chosen by chance, and was chosen specifically as a sign of respect for the two-faced Greek god Janus. The hostess confirms that her Yanochka is special both outside and in character.

Fans are happy with the cat no less than her owner. They sing about it and even draw pictures of it. Elizabeth herself is also an original person, so Yana is usually depicted in her drawings.

Yana likes to walk in the bosom of nature and in the company of Lisa on her trips. So, in the snowy season, she broke up with Yana at a ski party and bought unique ski items for the cat, too, in the form of a hat and mask, but Yana refused to try on a fur jacket, her own was enough.

According to experts, this fur color is extremely rare. A similar characteristic is found in tricolor cats, but males with this coloration have not yet been recorded.

But even females of this color are very rare. The most famous now is the Venus cat, whose muzzle is proportionally divided into two parts: dark red, with one hazel-brown eye, the other blue. These cats are a real miracle, and geneticists, moreover, cannot find the reason for these characteristics.

There is a belief that cats have this unique characteristic of a chimera, that is, they combine different types of genes in one creature, and it is this gene structure that causes the creature to appear as consisting of two different individuals.

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