What a touching and warm story: this wonderful wheelchair cat becomes a friend to a disabled dog

 What a touching and warm story: this wonderful wheelchair cat becomes a friend to a disabled dog

Both animals had challenges in their lives but they were able to find a good home.

Falco, a dog with only three legs, and Scooter, a cat who needs a wheelchair to get around, team up to create a wonderful bond.

Unfortunately, an accident in which a Siamese cat at the age of three injured his spine lost the ability to use his hind legs. Falco, on the other hand, only has three legs, having lost a limb after being found in the middle of the street.

Both animals undoubtedly had a lot of problems in life, but luckily they were able to find a loving home with Rose Mary Milan and Roy.

The fantasy duo now love to go camping, fight, sleep, and play a lot of pranks on each other every day.

Because of the great bond between her two cats, Rose Mary, who lives with them in Bolivia, often posts pictures of them on social media.

Everyone on the internet is fascinated by the cute duo of friends and they don’t hold back from leaving comments about it.

This was reported by Rose Mary with reference to METRO.

They enjoy hanging out together and have a great relationship. They are very adventurous and love to explore nature. She goes on to say that the two pets love to fight in the house so much that they will fight non-stop all day long.

They also play differently, but he makes it clear that anything can happen as long as Falco is upbeat and wants to date his adopted brother.

After a friend saw Falco walking alone, Rose Mary and her friend decided to adopt him. Due to a wound on the outside of the amputated limb and the risk of infection, the dog needed help.

Rosemary continued.

“According to the vet, there were very weak stitches on his cut. Judging by the look of the injury, he was definitely unprofessional, but we will never know what really happened”.

Falco’s stitches were quite painful, but thanks to the veterinarian’s quick action, he was able to recover within a few days.

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