What an interesting story: at some point, the clever hero dog saved his owner

 What an interesting story: at some point, the clever hero dog saved his owner

When the dog saw the owner on the floor, he began to run around barking loudly.

In the morning, Bjorn Wall from Sweden was washing his ATV in his garage. While working, he suddenly noticed that everything was not as it should be. He felt dizzy and numb all over the right side of his body.

He quit his job and went back to the house.

“When you entered the house from the garage, you had to go through the laundry room. And I didn’t get more than that. I was lying on the floor in the laundry,” the man said.

He was paralyzed on the right side of his body. His phone was not with him and he could not call for help.

Fortunately, the family has a dog named Gibson. And when Gibson saw the man lying on the floor, he knew something was wrong. Gibson began to run around the house and bark loudly.

Sleeping on the second floor was Bjorn’s 19-year-old Emily. She was awakened by loud barking and went downstairs to see what was causing Gibson to bark so loudly.

She then discovered that the dog was running nervously while continuing to bark. The dog went to the laundry. It was obvious that he wanted to show Emily something. She followed him and there she saw her father lying on the floor.

“I was completely shocked. Dad woke up but didn’t answer when I spoke to him. He could only nod,” she told news media.

She immediately called emergency services, and within 20 minutes the ambulance was on the street. Bjorn was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a stroke. The situation was dangerous. And he probably wouldn’t have escaped if he’d been on the floor much longer.

But Bjorn saved. After three months in the hospital room, he was allowed to return home. He is still on sick leave and his right arm is not moving well, but his life is saved. And it’s all thanks to Gibson.

“The truth that Gibson found me on the floor and started barking saved my life,” he said.

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