A beautiful story: a cat rescued by volunteers gave birth to a kitten, to which she devoted unconditional love

 A beautiful story: a cat rescued by volunteers gave birth to a kitten, to which she devoted unconditional love

The homeless cat prepared more than one surprise for those who took care of her.

Desiree, a homeless cat who was adopted during her pregnancy, has more than one surprise in store for those who care for her. She gave birth to only one kitten, with which she developed a special relationship.

In Brisbane, in the east of Australia, a stray cat was rescued in time. Found on the street alone and pregnant, she was taken to a veterinary clinic, with whom she turned to the local association Best Friends Felines.

Named Desiree, she needed a quiet, comfortable and safe place to give birth and raise her offspring in good conditions.

The Best Friends Felines team expected her to give birth to a large litter. Also, according to their estimates, she should not give birth for 2 weeks. Desiree surprised them on these 2 points.

Volunteers didn’t finish their surprises with Desiree.

She gave birth well before her due date and ended up giving birth to only one kitten, a female that looks a lot like her.

Nikki, a Best Friends Felines volunteer, noted how rare such a simple pregnancy is for cats. In fact, she and the rest of the team had their cat ultrasounded by the vet to make sure no more babies were born.

The kitten, named Tato, struck everyone with its large size, including the veterinarians who examined him. The young cat and her mother were then placed in the care of Aly’s foster family.

With several baskets and cozy nooks at her disposal, Desiree chose to settle into the lower compartment of the cat tree, which was much less cozy. Definitely the cat has mastered the art of reverse…

“Her love for Tato is boundless”, says Nikki to Love Meow. Desiree spent the first week with her baby, then started taking a few short breaks between feeds and going to the bathroom.

“She examined all the pieces with cautious curiosity before returning to her mom duties”, says Aly.

As for Tato, she “still remains the fattest child in the world,” their adoptive mother continued. She opened her eyes and became especially talkative. As soon as she learned to use her paws, she began to explore the surroundings.

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