A blogger from the USA can’t accept the fact that the 50s are long gone

 A blogger from the USA can’t accept the fact that the 50s are long gone

Laci Fay is a blogger from America, just crazy about the style of the 50s.

For the first time, she heard about how people lived at that time from her grandmother, and after that she constantly asked to tell as many details as possible.

Inspired by these stories and photographs, she decided that she would very much like to get a little closer to that time. To do this, the woman persuaded her husband to buy an old house and make retrofits there.

All the necessary things and furniture Lacy found at flea markets. At the same time, everything, all of them are functional, and the equipment, the age of which has already stepped over 70 years, still works perfectly. And over time, another dream of a woman came true – she bought a retro car.

The blogger often buys magazines from the 50s, from which she takes images for herself and her husband. By the way, she sews clothes herself. Well, bright makeup and unusual hairstyles are her faithful daily companions.

The couple’s son did not want to put up with his mother’s passion for retro style for a long time, but soon began to treat him more calmly. Although he does not agree to dress like in the 50s, he is also not averse to strolling through flea markets.

And although many consider Lacey strange, the subscribers of her Youtube channel do not get tired of admiring the originality of this woman.

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