A great honor to the rescuer who freed the trio of kittens from predators.

 A great honor to the rescuer who freed the trio of kittens from predators.

It is difficult to follow the trapped cats without knowing how to help quickly.

Chris Poole, also known as Cat-Man Chris, is back in business. He is always dedicated to his work and saves all felines. This was no exception for the three kittens who ended up being safely locked in traps by their daddy cat. But Chris struggled with raccoons and opossums during feeding them every day when he saw a coyote in the area, he realized that family time was running out.

For a month, Chris tried to trap the trio.
These cats lived only a few miles from Chris in one of the colonies he cared for but seemed elusive. He first met cats in the industrial area. It was closed and it was not possible to enter until noon. Of course, stray cats do not want to be left out of the workplace.

However, these cuties were still feeding their mother and didn’t need to go outside at all.

So they were kept when Chris came. She came to feed the colony every night to make sure her mother was well fed and healthy. He would take the cubs and take them to the mother as soon as he could ensure their safety.
Of course, Chris would not jump over the gates to enter an inadmissible area. It was illegal and dangerous. Chris is the man who will find everything.

Everything did not bother Chris as much as everything he saw every night.

The trio were in serious danger of extinction, just like their fourth one.
Raccoons, possums, and coyotes were often in the industrial park.

Chris was rewarded for his dedication on the night of Thursday, November 7. And in true masculine form, Survivor’s epic “Eye Of The Tiger” tune played as the trap door dropped. So this baby got the name Rocky.

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