A touching story: a girl asked the Internet to find a rare toy car for her disabled brother

 A touching story: a girl asked the Internet to find a rare toy car for her disabled brother

The girl wanted to find a toy car for her disabled brother to make happy him.

Recently, users of the popular portal Reddit witnessed and participated in a large and noble spontaneous action. A girl named Kathryn Gretchel spoke about her mentally disabled brother, who expects only one present for Christmas – a toy car. But they stopped making them 17 years ago, and she has already bought up all the rest. Has anyone got another one lying around?

“My brother is 25 years old, but he is forever stuck at the age of 5. He is quiet and calm, and for Christmas he dreams of only one gift – a blue Tonka Hammer truck. They were taken out of production. My brother doesn’t need any other toys. And now I have a colossal problem: where to find another one for Christmas?”

This is not a whim, but a serious problem – for the mentally ill Max, toy trucks have become an integral part of his world. He can’t read or write, but he knows by touch the texture of the paint and the outlines of the car bodies. But nowhere in stores, not even on Ebay, these toys are left!

The girl Katherine asked the Reddit community to look around the attics and basements – if someone has such a machine, she will immediately buy it for a reasonable amount. News came from abroad!

And the answer came! Quote:

“Thank you so much for reaching out to us with this extremely touching story. We are trying to contact this girl and would like contact information and her address. We love stories like this and we’ll do everything in our power to help. Our team is currently searching our warehouse archives in the US and China to find the 2000 Hummer Fire Rescue. We hope we can send as many as we can find. This story touches our hearts and we hope to make this special fan of ours a very special Christmas!”

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