A unique idea made a simple villager famous: this man decided to build a house from ordinary glass bottles

 A unique idea made a simple villager famous: this man decided to build a house from ordinary glass bottles

To save money, this man began to build his own house from glass bottles.

Sometimes unusual design decisions make the site a real attraction. So it happened with the house of Vladimir Sysa.

He bought a piece of land a long time ago, but he has been building his house for 20years. The fact is that a simple electrician did not want to engage in a conventional design. To save money he started building his own house out of glass bottles.

This technology has been around since 1902 and is widely used in the UnitedStates. Sysa decided to collect only bottles of “Soviet champagne”. Now his house shines brightly with green glass.

At the design stage, the man was supported only by his wife Lyudmila Sysa.

Gradually his relatives got involved in the matter, considering Vladimir’s project a feature of those places. They knew what kind of bottles the man needed, so they began to take out their glass junk to his yard.

There were other ways to search. Sysa collected bottles in parks, as he negotiated cooperation with household waste collection and sorting points. The fact is that 800 ml bottles are not accepted for recycling, nobody needs them yet. In total, 8,000 bottles of champagne were collected.

According to the man, he decided on the material long before receiving five acres of land in Zaporozhye. He kept the bottles at home, which frightened the wife for a long time. But over time, she realized the value of her husband’s idea.

“I supported my husband. I washed all the bottles with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law. And when it was necessary, I carried buckets of cement to the second floor. My husband did not allow me to do the main work, and I did all the auxiliary work”.

The woman participated in the creation of all the unusual elements of the house, it has a homemade elevator to the second floor, a sauna, an outdoor pool.

Vladimir continues to be proud of his unusual house, which is now known throughout Ukraine. Yes, and around the world.

Some time ago, a man was offered to sell his house and land. He was offered one hundred thousand hryvnias for all adjacent buildings. However, Vladimir Sysa refused.

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