Beautiful story: this deaf dog wandering through shelters finally found a home

 Beautiful story: this deaf dog wandering through shelters finally found a home

This dog was born deaf which made it more difficult for him to find owners.

Many people take animals from shelters, trying to find the most beautiful and healthy among them. The puppy named Shiro was born deaf and partially blind, which made it much more difficult for him to find worthy owners. He visited two shelters and returned four times from people who took him home. Two years ago, he was still lucky enough to meet his new master, with whom he was able to find his true destiny. Now the dog takes care of the adopted animals, calming and supporting them, and they, of course, reciprocate.

Shiro is a deaf and partially blind dog who has found his destiny.

Two years ago, he met a kind woman named Cheryl Smith, who brought him to her home.

Once, when the mistress brought the animals to the house for overexposure, she noticed that Shiro was not indifferent to them.

He comforts them and takes care of the cuties.

Shiro recently met a little kitten named Tolly.

Cheryl brought a sick wild kitten into the house, which was exhausted and very scared. Shiro immediately came to the rescue to console and calm the poor fellow. The dog was so worried about the fate of the fluffy creature that he did not leave the cage for a minute. After a while, the kitten began to get better and thanks to Shiro’s efforts, he got used to the new place.

The cutie was shocked by such care.

Sometimes the dog will climb into the cage and spend time with the cats.

All animals are crazy about him.

Shiro is happy to help his owner take care of the little cuties.

He runs first to meet them.

Shiro has a personal Facebook account where the owner talks about the life of a kind cutie.

Deafness and poor eyesight do not prevent Shiro from being a good dog and pleasing his master. It’s great that Shiro has found a loving owner and a home where he can also help other animals and be happy himself.

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