Everyone was patiently admiring how they jammed the mom and baby moose

 Everyone was patiently admiring how they jammed the mom and baby moose

People were on their way home when the road was suddenly blocked.

Delayed transit is not an ideal start to the day. Except for these lucky ones, being in a car with all that noise and screaming is never fun. They were returning home when the front door suddenly blocked the road.

A mother moose and her newborn moose were driving down a busy road in Homer, Alaska when they violated all traffic restrictions. Luckily, the polite drivers were patient with the charming couple.

The drivers were so engrossed in what was happening before their eyes that they took pictures of it. “My wife and I were driving home when we saw the baby and mom on the side of the highway and decided to stop to let them through,” Jefferson Huntsman explained. They followed the same path that we had descended.

My wife, who was driving, let me know about a minute later, at a modest speed of 3 miles per hour, that this would be a great opportunity to capture mother and baby.”

They decided to post the great clip on Facebook and the response was overwhelming. After all, this is the king of traffic jams and we all want to get stuck in it.

Everything went smoothly with the moose mother and her baby, who looks like a clock in the video.”

“Yesterday they came to my yard to feast on my lawn,” says the narrator. In Alaska, where there are between 175,000 and 200,000 pigs, such sightings are common.

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