«From a fan into a wife!» This is how the mother of Jackson’s kids looks and lives now

 «From a fan into a wife!» This is how the mother of Jackson’s kids looks and lives now

Lisa Maria Presley was Jackson’s biggest love, but she was NOT the one who gifted him with children! 🤫😮 Their marriage lasted 1️⃣8️⃣ months and people called them the strangest couple in pop culture! 💔🙄 Soon, he met a nurse who was ready to become the mother of his children! 🤗 While Jackson is not with us, Rowe has just battled breat cancer! 🧐 Hold your breath before you see her now in this article! 👇

His personal life, as that of one of the truest music idols of our time, has always captivated millions, even after the passing of the King of Pop. He was previously married to Lisa, Presley’s heiress, yet their union didn’t last long.

The thing is that she was against having children, while Jackson literally dreamt of becoming a father. This reportedly became the main reason for their divorce and, as a result, the singer «got out of» that relationship completely heartbroken.

He crossed paths with an ordinary nurse during his vitiligo treatment who was also his fan. Their marriage caused a furor in public and had widely been discussed for years. First, they became friends, then it grew into something more.

Debbie expressed a wish to make him happy by gifting him with children. Later, she described him as the happiest man in the world upon the arrival of Prince Michael. After their divorce, Rowe got a home in Beverly Hills as well as $8 million.

The woman took a little part in their kids’ upbringing and it was Jackson who stayed with them until his tragic passing. Then, it was his mother who became their guardian. In 2016 Rowe’s life took a turn after she was diagnosed with cancer. During such a tough period of time, Paris reconciled with her mother.

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