Here’s how talented actors and actresses can perfectly play real people

 Here’s how talented actors and actresses can perfectly play real people

These are actors and actresses who perfectly played real people.

When we talk about autobiographical films, it goes without saying that film makers and film directors try to find an actor or actress that is the most suitable and suitable for such a role. It is this actor or actress who is responsible for portraying the person he or she plays. Of course, it is quite difficult to find such a talented person, since the chosen actor must not only more or less resemble this person, but also correspond to his character, behavior and energy.

F. Jones as Stephan and Jane Hawking, “The theory of everything”. (starred by E. Redmayne)

R. Downey – Charlie Chaplin.

A. Kutcher – Steve Jobs, “Empire of Seduction”.

Frida Kahlo, “Frida”. (starred by S. Hayek)

J. Foxx starring in “Ray”.

Ch. Theron – Eileen Wuornos “Monster”.

Alfred Hitchcock “Hitchcock”. (starred by A. Hopkins)

Marilyn Monroe –  M. Williams in “7 Days and Nights with Marilyn”.

Abraham Lincoln, “Lincoln”. (starred by L. Lewis)

Mahatma Gandhi, “Gandhi”. (starred by B. Kingsley)

“Whitey” Bulger. (starred by Johnny Depp)

Hugh Glass, “The Revenant”. (starred by DiCaprio)

Ludwig van Beethoven in “Immortal Beloved”. (starred by G. Oldman)

Queen Elizabeth II, “The Queen”. (starred by H. Mirren)

Muhammad Ali, “Ali”. (starred by M. Smith)

Vincent van Gogh, in “Lust for Life”. (starred by K. Dauglas)

Nelson Mandela, “Invictus”. (starred by Freeman)

Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rose”. (starred by M. Cotillard)

S. Dali, “Midnight in Paris”. (starred by A. Brody)

Peter Sellers, “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers”. (starred by G. Rush)

Malcolm X, “Malcolm X”. (starred by Washington)

Truman Capote, “Capote”. (P. Seymour Hoffman )

S. Quintanilla, “Selena”. (starred by Lopez)

M. Thatcher in “Iron Lady”. (starred by M. Streep)

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