Here’s what happened: this girl hasn’t shampooed her hair for two years and her hair looks different

 Here’s what happened: this girl hasn’t shampooed her hair for two years and her hair looks different

After washing without shampoo, now her hair looks different.

A 24-year-old resident of Finland, Iiris Heikkinen, completely abandoned shampoos and conditioners a few years ago. Now her hair looks different.

Iiris has always cared for her hair using organic cosmetics. But even after using such funds, the girl felt itchy and noticed redness and dryness of the skin. She attributed this to the washing off of the natural protective layer and dehydration of the cells.

In 2017, Heikkinen decided to change her attitude to personal hygiene and on the Facebook social network she discovered the No Poo Method group: its members completely refuse shampoos and conditioners, using alternative methods for care, for example, soda, natural oils, purified water or apple cider vinegar.

At first, Iiris used baking soda with vinegar, but she continued to feel itchy, so she decided to just wash her hair with plain water. At first, her hair looked dirty and greasy, but the girl did not feel like washing it and did not think about it, as she was in the clinic for an operation. A few weeks later, the “dirty” phase was over, and the curls regained their former normal appearance. Probably, the hair was simply able to restore the original natural self-cleaning function, which was lost due to exposure to detergent components.

Since then, Heikkinen has never used shampoo or conditioner. She simply rinses her hair with water and periodically applies coconut oil and talcum powder.

Friends accepted Iiris’s decision, although at first they were interested in the smell of hair. But the girl claims that this is a big delusion. According to her, the head does not smell. At least Heikkinen perceives the smell of her skin neutrally and has never come across comments from outsiders about this. Everyone is surprised when Iiris admits that he does not use the usual detergents and care products.

By the way, the hair looks great. They have become thicker and denser, more curly and even acquired a lighter and cleaner shade. Iiris is happy with everything, but she notes that the “No Poo” method is not universal and is not suitable for everyone. For example, people with excessively oily scalp or athletes may spend a lot of time maintaining cleanliness in order to completely wash off sweat and sebum. She herself visits the sauna and after it in the shower she washes her hair several times. And she offers to try “No Poo” to everyone who is interested and close to the method.

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