Heroic act: this kind and caring policeman was able to save about 45 cats from burning shelter

 Heroic act: this kind and caring policeman was able to save about 45 cats from burning shelter

Fortunately, there was a real hero who came to the rescue.

The animals were trapped, each in its own cage, in a room that quickly filled with smoke. Fortunately, a real hero came to the rescue.

Jesus Aranda served the city for 11 years; He has worked in various positions and in various fields. Finally, less than six months later, he became an animal control inspector.

He was still an inexperienced beginner, but the main thing that he had with him was a love for animals. On the evening of January 8, when he arrived at one of the shelters for a routine inspection and saw that the building was on fire, he could not stay away.

He thought about all the cats stuck in the building and all the dangers they faced. Carbon dioxide poisoning; burns and dehydration from hot stainless steel chambers. A heavy death in the fire, finally. Aranda did not hesitate.

He opened the door and entered. He went through the smoky room where the cats were kept and began to open the cages one by one. Those who could run away. Those who could not walk on their own, Aranda took out into the street.

He saved the lives of 45 tailed deer. The heat burned his skin, the smoke made it difficult to breathe, and his eyes filled with tears, but the inspector returned to save the others. Finally, firefighters arrived and put out the fire.

Fortunately, he got off relatively lightly and could return home in a few hours, but he took a big risk.

The inspector is sure that it was worth it, because thanks to him the fire was left without victims: a man and a cat.

After 10 days, the city council presented the man with a diploma and an award and thanked him for the saved lives. True, Aranda did nothing special in his own eyes. He couldn’t stand and wait for the firemen to arrive.

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