How interesting: here are the actors from the “Police Academy” after 38 years and this is how they look now

 How interesting: here are the actors from the “Police Academy” after 38 years and this is how they look now

Here are the great movie stars from the “Police Academy” after 4 decades.

Believe it or not, but the first episodes of the popular series came out on our screens in 1984, in the USA. It is worth noting that the iconic cast and funny moments captured in the series still warm the hearts of millions of people.

The plot of the legendary series is based on the announcement that anyone, regardless of nationality, position and education, can enter the police academy.

And here are the great and praiseworthy actors after about 4 decades.

Sh. Stone played the role of a journalist.

In the popular series, Stone brilliantly played the role of a journalist who was supposed to write a report about the city, and thanks to this role, the actress received universal recognition.

J. Gaines as Eric Lassard

He was a decent and fair director of the police school, whose innocent and sometimes ignorant character delighted everyone. Unfortunately, the film star passed away 6 years ago at the age of 98.

S. Guttenberg as C. Carey Mahoney

Meet one of the main characters of the series, who played his part brilliantly, but now rarely acts in films, instead devoting himself to producing.

C. Cattrall as C. Thompson

Cattrall brilliantly played the role of Karen Thompson and, it should be noted, it was thanks to this series that the movie star first gained popularity.

G. Bailey as Thaddeus Harris

This character is a police officer who often provoked the recruits of this organization. Currently, the movie star is actively involved in funds for children with cancer.

M. Ramsey, meet C. Laverne Hooks.

The praiseworthy woman was not only a successful actress, but also a talented singer and composer. It is appropriate to note that a number of artists owe their songs to Ramsey, who unfortunately passed away in 2021.

L. Easterbrook as D. Callahan

This legendary series character had a unique role that was adored by millions at the time.

Have you watched the popular series?

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