Interesting story: this little cat interrupted a soccer match that his owners were watching on TV

 Interesting story: this little cat interrupted a soccer match that his owners were watching on TV

The cat jumped onto the field of the match, disrupting the course of the game.

A nine-year-old tricolor kitten named Topsy jumped out of her carrier on her way to the vet 8 months ago. She very quickly disappeared in an unknown direction, and the owner could not find her. Neither advertising nor Internet searches helped.

But one late evening, Alison, the owner of the cat, called her daughter-in-law and asked if she was watching a football game.

It was not such a decisive match between the teams of the third division, and Alison was not a fan of football, so he was very surprised and said no.

Then the daughter-in-law recommended that the broadcast be turned on immediately, and Alison saw on repeat how the football players carried away a tricolor cat, terribly similar to Topsy, from the field. Her cat interrupted the football match to get the attention of the owner.

At the 94th minute of the game, the cat jumped onto the field, disrupting the course of the game. The two players chased the intruder, but she jumped away from them.

True, she was quickly pushed to the edge and caught. Then it became clear that the cat was injured.

It had teeth marks from a large carnivore on its neck, and it looks like its spine was damaged so the cat couldn’t move fast enough. It is unclear what brought the sick animal to a crowded place, apparently lucky.

Among the fans was a man named Sam, a veterinarian. He voluntarily took the cat and took her to the doctor.

The conclusion of the doctors was disappointing. the cat clearly had several fractures and will need surgery, but first MRI and CT to determine the amount of work. Everything about everything will cost over £10,000.

And the vets scanned the cat’s chip and found her name was Topsy, and got Alison Jubb’s phone, which was ready to go. She was so happy that her beloved cat was returned to her after almost a year of searching.

But the bills threatened to leave her destitute, so Alison organized a £10,000 fundraiser. Football fans immediately joined the collection, and in a couple of days they collected even more than they needed.

It means a lot and gives her a chance to get well again. She still has a long way to go before making a full recovery, but the vets are doing everything they can to help her.

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