It seems that plump lips are no longer fashionable: women’s natural beauty is now attracted

 It seems that plump lips are no longer fashionable: women’s natural beauty is now attracted

Big lips are no longer in trend already thick eyebrows and fox eyes are in fashion.

It goes without saying that beauty standards, fashion and trends are constantly changing and what is considered fashionable today may become old-fashioned tomorrow. As it turned out, large and plump lips are no longer in vogue, instead, female natural beauty is valued.

So, today’s trends with the main rule – natural beauty is a priority.

Expressive eyebrows

As previously thought, thick and large eyebrows should be made smaller and narrower. To live up to this stereotype of beauty, women constantly had to pluck their eyebrows and endure pain.

Now thick and natural eyebrows are more valued.

Attractive shapes

Since the standards of beauty and femininity are constantly changing, today attractive forms are more relevant and acceptable than thinness.

Needless to say, every woman is absolutely beautiful and unique just the way she is, and despite all the stereotypes and trends, she must love and accept her own body and be the way she wants to be.

Today, even plus-size models are gaining popularity, finding themselves in the center of admiration and becoming idols for millions of people.


Previously, girls and women who had freckles always covered them with foundation. Sometimes they even turned to beauticians to get rid of them, and today “tanned” girls with these charming freckles attract everyone. Some even began to use special cosmetics and techniques to paint fake freckles on their faces.

Fox eyes

This direction requires effort and skills. To achieve such an almond-shaped section of the eyes with the upper corner raised upwards, ladies paint them with cosmetics on their own or with the help of cosmetologists.

Some even undergo plastic surgery to achieve this result.

Small breasts

Today, small breasts are in trend. Those ladies who always tried to prove whose breasts are bigger have now calmed down.

Artificial forms have gone out of fashion and natural beauty is valued.

Linguists have conducted an interesting study on the roots of the perception of beauty in other languages ​​and peoples.

For example, in Greece, the perception of beauty is called “kalos”, which means “fair”.

The Latin “bellus” means “war”, therefore, in their opinion, people should fight for beauty.

The Slavs have the word “steal” with the meaning “steal”. Beauty was considered something dangerous and destructive.

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