Not everything people know about celebrities: here are a few facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

 Not everything people know about celebrities: here are a few facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the prominent actors in the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected stars. But his personal life is somehow hidden. Here are some interesting facts about him.

1. A wonderful actor has many different roots. Leonardo’s mother, Irmelin, and father, George, are half Italian, half German, and one of the grandmothers is Russian.

2. The actor was offered the role of Patrick Bateman, a cynical maniac, in the film “American Psychiatry” (2000). But after much deliberation, he refused it, because he did not want to associate himself with such a role at that time.

3. Once Leo nearly died while skydiving in tandem. When his parachute did not open, the instructor simply took and cut the lines, after which he removed the second parachute, the lines of which also became tangled. Fortunately, they were eventually released.

4. The actor prepares very carefully for each of his roles. DiCaprio himself said that he likes to play the role of historical figures.

5. Leo’s favorite actors are Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, James Dean and Meryl Streep. Apart from Dean, he has acted in films with his favorite actors.

6. The actor has no children of his own, but he takes care of a girl from South Africa. While filming “Blood Diamond” (2006) in South Africa, Leo met and befriended a beautiful orphan girl. She touched the heart of a man so much that he adopted her, but at the same time she remained to live in Africa. The actor monthly transfers money to her.

7. Having received the coveted “Oscar” statuette, the actor and his friends went to one of the restaurants to celebrate this event. At the end of the celebration, the whole company left the institution, but after a while they were noticed by a restaurant representative holding an “Oscar” statuette in his hand. It turned out that the actor simply forgot such a treasured award and left it in a restaurant.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio has a small scar on his forehead from chickenpox.

9. The movie star loves to have a good time playing poker for money. Leo indulges in this gambling hobby at every opportunity, but there is no information on the Internet about any particularly large wins or losses.

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