«Reminiscent of mysticism»: abandoned historical submarines are surprising

 «Reminiscent of mysticism»: abandoned historical submarines are surprising

Many submarine bases have been discovered on the dark bottom of the ocean.

Probably every military captain would tell his story after seeing this incredible historical base.

You would not believe the many stories about these incredible machines if you had never seen them.

However, in recent decades, many submarine bases have been discovered along the ocean coasts or on the deep and dark ocean floor.

As you know, these mysterious vehicles were used during the 2nd world surge for a specific purpose.

So, if you’re appreciating history, you should scroll down for more details on this stunning old behemoth.

It was discovered on the island of Simushir, located about 250 miles (about 402 km) off the coast of Japan.

At first glance, the island does not seem like a grave for such old and mysterious machines.

However, it is unfortunate that the island has become home to these old, abandoned bases from the last century.

The Soviet Union used these giants to be sent to the northern coast as a secret base to discover new channels and information about their opponents.

So, for all the time the mighty Union managed to build so many bases and docks for these giants.

The legendary base also served as a radar for some time.

They also built a whole city around the base, which became a place for 3,000 people.