Heroic story: a guy immediately jumped into the cold water to save a little boy

 Heroic story: a guy immediately jumped into the cold water to save a little boy

The guy hurried to the shore to get to the sinking child.

It was a cold day. Vitaliy walked with his beloved along the Svisloch River. Suddenly they heard cries for help. Running closer, they learned that a woman was calling.

She screamed that there was a little boy in the water. There was no one on the beach. The boy jumped into the river, taking off his jacket, the boy stood up for a few seconds, and then the water hid him.

“I was on the street with my lover, and then we heard cries for help. A mother and her son were standing on the bank of the river. They screamed for help and said that there was a boy in the river. There was no one there at that time,” Vitaliy said.

He hurried to the other side – from there it was better to get to the plunging child. By the time he caught it, the child was already unconscious. He pulled him to shore.

At this time, many people came and someone called an ambulance. Doctors began to resuscitate the baby and took him to the medical center.

“My sweetheart tried to dry me with her sweater, one person gave me a scarf and the doctors made me get into the ambulance to warm up a bit. Then I just went home, ”says the hero of youth.

Vitaliy was fine. But he does not consider his act a feat and says that he did everything more automatically.

“I didn’t think long before jumping into the water. Who else besides me? There were two boys standing there, but they were just watching, so I didn’t have a choice”.

The guy is very optimistic that the boy he pulled out of the water will be all right. And he says he would do it again, no doubt.

In the end, Vitaliy’s behavior was called by many the act of a real man and a great person.

Not everyone can come to the aid of another, risking themselves. It deserves respect.

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