She always remains charming woman: sensual Monica Bellucci in a new photo shoot

 She always remains charming woman: sensual Monica Bellucci in a new photo shoot

Here is the most gorgeous and seductive Italian actress, Monica Bellucci.

Recently, Monica Bellucci delighted her fans with a mind-blowing photo shoot for Citizen K magazine. The fatal beauty and at 53 will give odds to any young girl!

The most beautiful Italian woman in the world does not seek to return 25 years at any cost. She never resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

According to Monica, a woman can be naturally beautiful at any age, and as the years go by, beauty unfolds like a flower. Her seductive photo shoot in gorgeous outfits is the best proof of this.

At the same time, mind you, not a centimeter of a naked body and not a single gram of vulgarity. What a talent to be seductive in almost any modest outfit!

Elegant, discreet toilets, predominantly black and white in retro style, only emphasize the seductive appearance of the model.

Large, expensive accessories complement the luxurious image of the film star.

Professional photographers – the AbsynthPhoto duo – worked on the photo shoot together with stylist Roman Ligo. In the pictures in front of us is a luxurious, self-aware, proud and at the same time seductive beauty.

Her mature age only adds spice to the image, and each shot breathes the charm of a lady wise in her life experience.

Monica Bellucci herself says that she is like tiramisu: just as light and airy, but at the same time intoxicating and hot.

The natural beauty of the actress is admirable. What do you think of Monica Bellucci’s photo shoot?