She found a baby left on the road: 5 years later, the baby is unrecognizable

 She found a baby left on the road: 5 years later, the baby is unrecognizable

The story behind this touching photo is amazing.

A few years ago, a photo of a little black boy and a woman who gave him water from a bottle spread around the world.  The story behind this photo is amazing.

A helpless toddler, barely two years old, was found on the side of the road in a Nigerian city.  As it turned out, the parents themselves left the child because of their own superstitions and prejudices. According to local beliefs, it was believed that the dark forces that often inhabit young children were to blame for family failures.  The boy was left on the road and no one took care of him, the kid was forced to feed only on what compassionate passers-by gave him.

Upon learning of the incident, the female volunteer Anja Ringgren Loven was simply dumbfounded by such an attitude of her parents.  She took the boy and took him to the hospital.  Anya feared that the baby would not even make it to the medical facility, he was so weak.  However, it seems that fate was on the side of the boy.  They managed to save him and get out, the baby was named Hope – “hope”.

Today, 5 years later, Hope lives in a charitable mission founded by Anya and her husband David.  In addition to him, there are 75 more children, whom their parents refused to take care of.  Despite some hearing and speech problems, the boy turned out to be very capable.

Hope quickly masters reading and writing, and for his love of creativity, teachers call him a “mini-Picasso”.  Today, in this lively, cheerful child, one cannot recognize the crumb that Anya, by a lucky chance, noticed on the road.

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