The adopted children, feeling the hardships of life, brought happiness to the disabled kitten.

 The adopted children, feeling the hardships of life, brought happiness to the disabled kitten.

Kindness knows no bounds when you can give your love to those who need it most.

Ilene was a cat born without eyes whose life was not so easy. It was a rainy day when the baby was found in a California dumpster wrapped in a bag. He could not even see what was happening around him. The baby felt that good days were waiting for him.

It was reported that, “A kind man, hearing the baby’s pleading noises, wrapped himself in a shirt and took him to an animal shelter in Madeira, California.”

But she did not allow his birth without eyes to hinder little Ilene.

When she moved from California to the Oregon Humanitarian Association, she was just a wonderful baby. It was impossible not to love her and the problem of her eyes did not hinder her in any matter, she was very active.

Mia Heaslet, who is the director of OHS Second Chance, says:

“When we found out that little Illene needed help, we immediately agreed. We are very happy that our medical team is like this and is familiar with all kinds of conditions. ”

It was decided that the baby’s eyes should be operated on. After that they could adopt this baby.

But who would adopt the baby? It seemed that Alanna Lundin, her children Cassandra, Eliehan և Samantha, whom Lundin had adopted, would be ideal for Ilene.

Here is a heartbreaking video published by KGW8 News.

Cassandra, Elijah, and Samantha were 18, 14, and 13 years old. They were in very poor condition, and Lundin took care of them three years ago. They said that they were terrified and that no care system was taking care of them. Alanna Landin said:

It was terrible. I was probably waiting for them to tell me about themselves. Most of the people have breadwinners, relatives,use public funds, visit the hospital and these children did not use anything.

Alana Lundin had been caring for the children for three years, and she finally managed to adopt them in the fall.

How will the little one feel in this family? He seems to be adjusting. It was very good that he would have other four-legged friends. The family is said to be helping the animals with the help of the Oregon Humanitarian Society.

The children are happy to take care of the animals and fulfill all the responsibilities:

It was Saturday, December 14, when Ilen came to this family. Of course he was in safe hands. From the moment the family heard about the baby, they showed interest in him. Samantha said.

“It was a very dear story to me. We had nothing to eat. When we heard the story of the baby, we were just terrified. And of course we understood from once that he would feel very good in our family. “Our mother did everything for us, and we can do the same for our baby.”

They have been together for a long time. I am grateful to Alana Lundin for all this. You are a real benefactor.

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