The children of famous stars really have wonderful beauty and charm: this is what they look like

 The children of famous stars really have wonderful beauty and charm: this is what they look like

What children are born to celebrities – one of the most discussed themes.

The lives of famous beauties are always closely followed, and the question is very urgent. What kind of children are born to such beautiful women?

Aishwarya Rai

In 1994, the Indian beauty won the title of “Miss World”. The star married Abhishek Bachchan and gave birth to Princess Aradhya. Aradhya is like Abhishek with eyes, lips and nose.

Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova became Miss Universe in 2002 and Miss Russia in 2001. She is married to a man she loves, the couple has two children. According to the photos it can be concluded that their children are like their father.

Natalia Glebova

In 2005, one Russian beauty won the title of “Miss Universe”. But Natalia represented Toronto. After an unsuccessful marriage, the girl married Dean Kelly, who also won a regional beauty contest. The daughter – Maya was born to them.

Amelia Vega

In 2003, she won the title of Miss Universe. Amelia married basketball player Al Horford, and they had four children, a son and three daughters.

Suleika Rivera

“Miss Universe” Puerto Rico decided to start a private life after finishing her modeling career in 2006. They have a son, Sebastian. As a child, he participated in photo series and exhibitions with his mother.

Julia Ioannina

Being a mother of many children and a business woman, this beauty won the title of Miss World in 2014. In her first marriage she had three children, one daughter and two sons. The daughter is a copy of the mother, and the son is like her father.

Lara Datta:

Lara Datta won the “Miss Universe” contest. She married an attractive tennis player, and they gave birth to a beautiful daughter-Saira.

Monica Bellucci

Monica has never participated in beauty contests, but the audience has long recognized the actress as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She gave birth to a wonderful girl. She is as beautiful as her mother.

Angelina Jolie

Another beauty who does not participate in competitions is Angelina Jolie. She always ranks first among women in the rankings of all fashion magazines. It is impossible not to appreciate her beautiful figure, beauty, elegance and charisma. And the daughter of Jolie and Pita-Shiloh has grown and changed. She is as beautiful as her father and mother.

Of course, the greatest happiness for parents is not beauty, but the health of their children.

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