The cutest dog came back to shelter where she was taken as a pup.

 The cutest dog came back to shelter where she was taken as a pup.

The fate of the dog was relatively good after the unfortunate adoptions.

In 2014, Sadie left the haven and they did not expect him to return.  But a month ago, her family brought him back.  Shortly afterwards, Sadie was adopted and then handed over again.  Unfortunately, this story was repeated once.  Sadie was very young when she and her parents were brought to a haven in Harris, Texas.  Sadie was photographed and then adopted.  This family was not what Sadie wanted to have.

One of the volunteers at this haven was Ashley Roberts.  “Sadie was in the ball,” Roberts told The Dodo.  “He thinks she’s probably an abandoned dog, that’s why he looks so scared. She did not adapt in any way.”

“Something was said about Hurricane Harvey, they said.  “It seemed to us that she would stay with us,” Roberts said.  “Was it bad that they did not even feel bad when they returned the dog to the shelter?”  After scanning Sadie’s chip, they took a picture of her on the screen.

“The employee was holding back tears,” Roberts said.  “He could not do anything. As soon as he saw the original picture of the dog, she was returning … surrendering to the murder haven.  She had changed a lot, she was not a little dog.  It was impossible to stop weeping. ”

A week later other people came to take Sadie. At first it seemed that Sadie was lucky. But she was sent back to the shelter. “I was not present when she was brought back and told that she had bad accidents at home all the time,” said Roberts. “The reason seemed to be that she was very nervous, which looked like a nervous urination.”

Then Sadie’s pictures were published on Facebook. Before long, a woman called the shelter and said she would take care of the dog.

“We want to provide good information on custody and adoption so that everything goes well for animals and humans,” Roberts continued. “Sadie needs a lot, it will just be good to give her a little space, give her some time and she will feel good. “The poor man has gone through a lot of hardships.”

“We thought everything would work out,” Roberts said. “She took the dog with him.” She had called her sister with dog to her house. This dog had bitten Sadie. Hurt Sadie was brought to the shelter again.

“It was really unfortunate,” Roberts said. “No dog has come back so far.” The haven staff decided to involve Sadie in a care home with Down South Rescue.

“Sadie’s caregiver is very knowledgeable,” Sharon Fanning, head of Down South Rescue, told The Dodo. “The dog is terrified, she does not confidence people very much. Naturally, she needs time to adjust and heal. This time we have to be very careful and know who will adopt her. ” When Sadie is finally cured, they will deal with her adoption.

“We just want a house where she will be loved and taken care of.”

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