The euthanasia of the wounded kitten frightened the rescuers, but fortunately the veterinarian closed the doors of death for her. After much suffering, the unbelievable happened.

 The euthanasia of the wounded kitten frightened the rescuers, but fortunately the veterinarian closed the doors of death for her.  After much suffering, the unbelievable happened.

After much suffering, the unbelievable happened.

It was October 29, when Martun Davoyan was going to work as usual and suddenly saw a kitten on the street. The baby looked very poor and restless and had difficulty walking. At that moment, Martun noticed that something was wrong with the kitten’s feet. When he got to work, he said he had to go and help the kitten. He informed the Nextdoor App about it.

Martun did not even realize what help the kitten needed.
He and his wife tried to help the baby and finally succeeded for 2 hours. They carefully removed the kitten from under the slab and rushed the kitten to a veterinarian who turned out to be a little girl.

No one knew if she had a genetic disease. It seemed that the problem was caused by a car crash or falling from somewhere. The baby was only 2 months old. After the X-ray, something terrible came out.
She needed an FHO or femoral head ostectomy, which cost $ 4,000- $ 6,000.

FHO is a surgical procedure that repairs a damaged thigh without pain by removing the head of the femur and the femur.
The femoral head is removed during FHO. The leg muscles first hold the femur in place; over time, scar tissue forms between the acetabulum and the femur, providing a load called a “false joint.” This joint is anatomically different from the hip joint, in many cases it provides mobility without pain.

People who read about the need for surgery immediately went to work.
GoFundMe was released for a little girl named Dino. The poor kitten did not eat anything that evening. It was not clear how long she had been left alone, without her mother or without milk. At the age of 2 months she should have used other food, but in that condition she had no appetite. In addition, Dino was diagnosed with rectal bleeding.
Martun and his wife tried their best to help Dino, but they did not know how. To their delight, another person who had learned of the story did everything possible.

She also kept kittens. In the evening she went to Martunes’s house with various supplies, food and utensils, explained to them how to take care of the cats. Dino was scared a little. The newcomer confirmed that Dino was socialized and not an ordinary stray cat. Fortunately, the cause of rectal bleeding was a veterinarian’s thermometer.
But it was not only her feet that hurt Dino.
The next day they noticed that Dino’s pain was not just in her legs, she could not urinate. Then they took the baby to the veterinarian again.

The examination showed that the cause of the bleeding was a possible hernia of the abdominal wall, which could cause a bladder problem, and surgery was needed. The extent of the bladder injury was then determined. Unfortunately, they saw that the baby’s pelvis was out of position, and many fractures were possible.
It all cost $ 12,000.
Everyone was heartbroken, but the terrible allergies did not allow the baby to be fully cared for.
The Good Samaritan came to the rescue again, calling on various rescuers. But during the whole year of the kitten season in Los Angeles, no one could accept her.
Unfortunately, veterinarians say that even after surgery, things will not go well. Only they could understand what internal injuries the baby had.

A painful decision was made, they had to euthanize Dino so that she would not suffer. Everyone was very sad.
Before euthanasia we really wanted to visit her so that she could feel love and care at that moment. Less than a day later, we had already contacted the baby.
We had been waiting for 45 minutes to say goodbye, suddenly something incredible happened.

While waiting, the sadness turned to anger.
At least the nurse came and said that the reason for the delay was that one of the technicians had just learned of Dino’s story, and wants to adopt the baby.
This was truly a miracle. We immediately agreed and wanted to see Dino and meet his savior.

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